About Annica

annica benning

Annica is co-founder and CEO of
Walnut Canyon Press, a nonprofit publishing house that creates books and tools to enhance civic literacy in early public education.

Walnut Canyon Press is focused on implementing Annica's groundbreaking concept that integrating grade-level-appropriate civics-related characters and themes into K-5 stories and reading texts builds a core knowledge base to make later civics education immeasurably more effective. A stronger America will be the result.

Friends & Supporters

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Waltnut Canyon Press create books which preserve and support our rich heritage. By supplementing school curriculum, inspiring learning legacy. Our programs promote literacy, multicultural understanding, leadership and youth service.
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In 2010, Annica established "One Dollar for literacy," a Non-Profit-Organisation which goal is to provide education to young kids in Arizona.
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"Annica is an incredible example of how young people can create stronger communities. Creating relationships between youth from diverse backgrounds is a powerfull step towards eleminating prejudices."

Steve Culbertson, President and CEO of Youth Service of America